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What is Psychological Testing?

Psychological testing (sometimes referred to as testing) serves many purposes, including clarifying diagnosis, guiding treatment and appropriate supports, and/or getting educational accommodations for your needs. Testing can provide a deeper understanding of you or your loved one.

Why should I test?

  • Am I struggling with ADHD, depression or anxiety?
  • What are my unique strengths and how can I use them to accomplish my goals?
  • What are my challenges and how do I overcome them?
  • What makes learning, retaining, or accessing information so hard for me?
  • I have been in therapy for a while, why aren’t my symptoms improving?
  • Why am I struggling at work (with managing tasks, communication with colleagues)? What accommodations can I get in the workplace to achieve my best potential?
  • I am a college/graduate student, and it has been difficult to adjust to the academic demands. Do I have learning or processing needs that are making things hard? Do I qualify for accommodations for school/exams/assignments?

Why should I get my child tested?

  • My child is struggling with managing emotions even though we’ve tried everything, how can I help them to be successful?
  • What may be contributing to my child’s difficulty with focus and attention?
  • Why is my child struggling at school? Are they entitled to accommodations?
  • What are my child’s strengths and how can we use these strengths for healthy development?

How do I begin?

If you are interested in learning more about testing or would like to begin the process, please contact Dr. Rehana Raheem for a free consultation.